Who are we

Our mission is to help parents feel at ease and children to feel inspired and brave in exploring the world. Give children a comfortable place to call their own with nursery furniture specially designed to fit their lifestyle. In this way, you will give them the impetus to take the first step towards confidence and independence.

Safety is a priority

Our children's furniture is made of natural wood and MDF with a water-based coating, which makes it strong and safe at the same time. All of their items are cleverly designed with features such as rounded corners, smoothed edges, extended stable legs, safety hinges to prevent drops and pinches. The durable color coating protects the items from scratches and keeps them looking good for years.

Specially designed with a suitable size for children and a modern design to fit perfectly into any home.

Ginger Home children's furniture is both fun and functional. We ensure that the height is the right size for children to feel comfortable when sitting, sleeping or playing with them. We also want to please parents, so the furniture is available in modern and classic designs to fit the style of
every home.

For everyday use at home, outdoors or on the beach – for all seasons and all ways to make childhood the greatest first adventure!

The children's table and chairs invite the little ones to draw, eat or play at the right height. Encourage their love
to books by providing reading nooks, bookcases and comfortable chairs and sofas to place in the playroom, bedroom or living room.

Bookcases, shelves and toy boxes are the right height for little hands to put away their things
alone. Storage items feature wide-open boxes, sliding doors, pull-out tabs or lid openings so little hands don't get crushed or pinched. Plenty of writing space and plenty of storage for toys, books, pencils, paper and more makes this furniture a great investment in their education and your time.

Browse our selection of modern furniture to
create a unique children's room that your child will love.